Awesome Crayon Crafts for Children

Have you ever noticed the first thing your child does with a box of new crayons? Do they attempt to make sense out of “nothing” through drawing?

These concepts range from his imagination of what he sees and interacts with on a regular basis. It isn’t important what they create with crayons. The joy that you feel deep inside when you see your little one struggling to paint is irreplaceable!

What are crayons made from? How are they used?

Crayons are basically sticks of colored wax, charcoal or chalk. They are mostly used for writing or drawing.  The notion that they are only meant for these should, however, be eliminated. There are a number of creative ways in which crayons can be put to use. Here are five awesome crayon crafts your children should not be missing out on!

Crayon Crafts – Making Picture Frames

This activity is simply awesome! And, it is so easy to do! It will keep your children occupied. And, it will encourage their creative juices to flow. You will need a wide-edged picture frame, a box of crayons, and a glue gun.

Pick a spot on the frame and glue the crayons all around in an orderly manner. You will need to make smaller crayon pieces as the longer ones may not fit as you progress. Use sandpaper on the crayons for a smooth and refined final touch on the frame. And voila! A masterpiece!

Crayon Crafts – Making Upcycled Letters and Numbers

Here is a double deal for your children. They are creative with crayons. Alternatively, they will also learn about letters and numbers. You will need letter molds, unwrapped crayons, and a baking sheet. Break the crayons into tiny pieces. Fit them into the letter molds. Heat the molds until the crayons melt. Set aside to cool.

Carefully pop the letters out and use them as you wish. Nothing is wasted as broken crayons are put to use. Your children learn two things! They learn numbers! And, they acquire important lessons on waste reduction!

Crayon Crafts – Halloween (Fall Harvest) Decoration

Almost all children eagerly await this time of the year. They desire creativity with dress and role-play. Well, crayons come in handy. Cut crayons and glue them onto pumpkins. Or, add them to another item your kids love to decorate. Melt the crayons using a blow drier. Do this until the colors start dripping. They form lovely and colorful traces as they drip down the pumpkin. Wow!

Crayon Crafts – Making Custom Color Playing Dough

This crayon craft needs more than just crayons. Gather kitchen ingredients like salt, flour, oil, and cream. Mix salt, flour, and cream in a bowl. Heat the oil in a pan and add crayons until they melt. Slowly stir in water. Then, add the dry ingredients. Once the dough forms, let it cool. Then, knead until it is smooth. And there you have it – colorful playing dough!

Crayon Crafts – Making Custom-Printed T-shirts

Making custom-printed T-shirts is a fun activity! Children create their own designs on their own T-shirts. And, they choose the colors they prefer. Your children will color a crayon design directly on sandpaper. Once this is done, re-do the layer creating an extra thick layer.

Place a cardboard on the inside of the T-shirt to prevent color spillage. Place the sandpaper upside down on the T-shirt. Add a paper towel on the sandpaper to protect the iron. Iron until the crayon design is transferred.  The result is your child’s own special design! All this is done with colorful crayons on their shirt!

Awesome Crayon Crafts – What are your Ideas?

Crayons are no longer restricted to drawing and coloring. Children deserve better than only traditional activities. An occasional change dispels monotony. Althewhile, they increase in learning and have fun! Doing crayon art provides more meaning to recreational activities. Exploring ideas outside the box has never harmed anyone. Putting crayons to equally good use won’t either!

What awesome crayon craft ideas do you have to share? Are you looking for a specific project idea? We would love to hear from you! Leave your comments below and share your thoughts with us!


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