10 Paper Plate Crafts To Create


Paper plate crafts are famous for being party plates. They are discarded immediately after use. This makes them ideal for this purpose. Instead of disposing of them, paper plates can be put to much better use. Here are 10 paper plate hacks that will add fun to your children’s lives (and yours)!


Paper Plate Shakers


Delightfully noisy objects are always good stimuli for a child’s learning. Making a shaker from paper plates is a fun activity that will have your child hard at work. You will need a paper plate, marker pen, beads, and stapler.

Fold the paper plate in half. Color the outer parts with the marker pen. Cut a few strips of crepe paper. Staple them to the curved edges of the folded plate. Now seal up the curved edges with a stapler. Allow a 5cm opening and use it to pour in the beads. Seal the allowance tightly. And there you go! A paper plate shaker for your little one. Let’s hope he won’t be playing too rough with it!


Paper Plate Crafts for Handbags


Are your children too curious about your important or expensive items? A paper plate handbag the best way to keep their hands off your bag. A paper plate bag is a quick and fun activity. And it encourages the creative aspect of your child’s learning.

You will need two paper plates, a pair of scissors, glue, and crayons for decoration.

Cut out one semicircle on each paper plate. The semicircular hole will be the bag handles. Use crayons to decorate the remaining semicircular halves. Glue them together along the edges. There you have it – a custom-made handbag for your little princess!


Paper Plate Roses


Your children can make roses out of paper plates for decorating the home. Waterpaint, a pair of scissors, paper plate, and glue are all the materials needed for this fun activity.

Color your paper plates with water paint and hang them out to dry. Use a pair of scissors to trim it uniformly from its edges. Cut a rough spiral into the remaining circle and finish it at the center with a small circle. Curl the spiral around your finger from the pointy bit until you get to the small circle at the end.

Now pull the pointed part through the center and glue it to the circle and the end of the spiral. Finished! A little complicated, but fun right?


Paper Plate Crafts for Crowns


You should try paper plate birthday crowns for your child’s upcoming party. They are cheap and are educationally engaging. You will need plain paper plates, colored sticker dots, colored pom poms, stapler, marker pen, glue, and a pair of scissors.

Use the marker pen to write anything your child likes on the plate. Fold the plate in half and mark it into four pie sections. Cut each section from the folded edge to the inner edge of the plate’s rim. Open out the plate, cut along the line of the fold to create eight points in the crown. Glue the colored pom poms to the top of each point. A birthday crown has just been made. And you can make several of them for invited friends!


Paper Plate Clocks


Your cute little champions will need to learn to tell time at some point. There is no better way than having fun while teaching them how to. In fact, they will learn this skill at a faster rate.

Cut a paper plate into a clock shape. Make smaller strips for the minute and hour arms. Now, let your child write the numbers on the paper plate and glue the strips onto the clock. It’s as simple as that. A clock has just been made! It’s fun watching your kids learn to tell time!


Paper Plate Oriental Fans


Hot summer? No problem, your child can rock a custom-made paper plate fan. All you need is a paper plate, colorful watercolors. Simply cut the paper plate in half to make a fan. Let them color it using any stylish techniques that they would like. Your child is now the awesome owner of her very own custom-made fan!


Paper Plate Animal Crafts


We all love making fun animals and so do our children. There is so much we can do with paper plates, a bit of paint, and some cutting. Cut and paint the paper plate according to which animal you decide on. Crocodiles, rainbow fish, monkeys, and turtles are some of the animals you can create using paper plates. What a variety!

Paper Plate Masks


Is a popular holiday around the corner? Do you have any idea what to make for your children? Don’t worry. Just get a paper plate, some paint and a pair of scissors. Cut the paper plate into a circular shape.  Make a face out of it by cutting eye shapes and drawing lips on it.  Create a theme face related to the holiday. They will generally use them until they need to be replaced!


Paper Plate Handprint Wreaths


Handprint crafts can be fun to do with the little ones. You will need colored paper for this. Any color is fine.

Cut a lot of handprints, one at a time. Cut out inner circle of the paper plate. Glue the handprints around the circular cutout uniformly. There is your wreath!


Paper Plate Handmade Basket


The next time you gift someone, do it in style. Present the gift in a unique paper plate handmade basket. It’s adorable, affordable and environmentally friendly!

You will need a paper plate and a few pieces of tape to assemble this. Cut the paper plate on both edges. Fold the dangling ends. Then, attach the loose parts with tape to form a basket shape. You may tie a ribbon on top of it to accessorize it!


Paper Plate Crafts – What are your Ideas?


It’s now a proven fact that paper plates are more than just food holders. Experiment with these paper plate crafts. You will be in awe at the creative ideas you and the children will have. And, you recycle crafts ongoing. Its potential uses have not been fully realized.

Do you have any family fun ideas that you would like share with us? Are you looking for a specific project idea? We would love to hear from you! Leave your comments and share your fun family ideas with us!


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